Approval for adoption requires

All adoptable Pyrs have been:

  • spayed or neutered
  • vaccinated for rabies, bordatella, and dhlpp
  • heartworm tested
  • given heartworm and flea preventative
  • microchipped

Standard adoption fees

  • $350 for adults
  • $400 for pups less than 6 months old
  • $250 for dogs over 6 years old

The fee helps defray the cost of our out-of-pocket expenses (with the rising cost of veterinary care) to care for each dog with food, medical expenses, grooming, transport from shelters to foster homes, etc. It also ensures that you adopt a healthy, happy dog.

Other potential adopters may be looking at the same dog you are, so please let us know if you want to pursue the adoption as soon as possible. Our foster parents do have first right of refusal on their fostered dogs. They are the ones providing love, care and food for the dogs on a daily basis. When you indicate you are interested in one of the available dogs, we contact the foster parents to let them know after your application is approved. We have many dogs needing homes, so if a dog is no longer available you have applied for, you may want to consider others in our rescue program.

We recommend you attend training with your newly adopted dog to create a mutual bond between you. Great Pyrenees are guard dogs and it is important they attend a training class with other dogs to keep them well socialized. Training at home does not offer this the socialization factor the dog needs. If you are interested in adopting a puppy, training is required. If the pup is less than 4 months, then a puppy and adult training class before the dog is one year old must be completed with proof of completion provided as part of the adoption requirement. Failure to provide this information can result in your dog being returned to rescue.


An above ground fenced yard is required unless otherwise noted on a dog’s posting on Payment for the dog is due at the time of adoption. We do not allow debarking of any of our adopted dogs. If barking is an issue for you or your neighbors, consider another breed, pyrs were bred to bark! Our adoption agreement also requires you to return the dog to us if you are no longer able to provide a home for the dog. If you have knowledge of someone who may want to adopt your dog, they will need to through the same adoption process you did before receiving your pyr.

Home Visit & Vet Check

A home visit and fence check will be conducted by a volunteer prior to your application being approved. We do require all your resident pets be spayed and neutered to adopt from our organization, unless they are active show animals. Please don’t be offended if the volunteer meeting with you asks you to make modifications for your new dog with your home or fencing, it is in both your best interests.

Your references provided will be verified prior to application approval. In checking your vet references, if your pets have not been kept up to date on vaccines, have not had annual heart worm tests or been given preventative or if you are not willing to spay or neuter your existing pets for other than a medical reason, this can be cause for you being denied adoption.

Final Step

After your application is approved, you will then be able to meet the dog. If your application is not approved, we don’t want to disappoint you by meeting a dog you will not be able to take home. The good news is, once you are approved, you can take your dog home with you the day you meet them, if everyone agrees the dog is a good fit for you. You have 7 days to return the dog after finalizing the adoption and get a full refund.

You may think this is a lot of effort to go through to adopt a dog. Yes, it is! As advocates for the dogs who have already been abandoned, it is our organization’s responsibility to find them their forever home where they can be loved, well cared for, and a part of a family for the rest of their life.

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