Foster Survey

To begin your foster process of a rescued Great Pyrenees, we ask that you answer the questions below. We place almost all of our dogs as inside pets with outside privileges and require a securely fenced yard, however, we do occasionally need outdoor foster situations for working dogs coming into rescue. We do allow our fence jumping dogs to go to foster situations where there is no fence and where they would be walked for exercise and potty time.

curl up on couchIf you are want to adopt,  but are thinking of fostering to see if the dog is a good fit for you, please complete the adoption application.  We evaluate foster applications based on the best fit for the dog, so if there is a particular dog you want to adopt, you need to complete that application.  Adopters, once approved, are given a two week trial period with a dog, to insure it is a good fit for you and the dog.

We do require all animals in the household to be neutered or spayed,unless there is a medical reason why your resident animals cannot be sterilized, to make for more agreeable socialization with your pets and the rescued dog, and so we don’t have anymore unwanted animals in the world.

Once we have your information, we then hold your application until a Great Pyrenees (Pyr) who meets most of your criteria comes into rescue that would be a good fit for you to foster with the other animals in your household. We post all our available pyrs needing homes on, so check our website frequently at and let us know if you see a pyr you would like to foster, who is listed as needing foster home.

Once we have information on a pyr we know we will be getting into rescue, we contact you about fostering the dog. Keep in mind these are orphan dogs, so they may not meet all of your “wish list” qualities, but we will contact you about those who we believe are a good match for you and your current four legged residents. A foster dog may be with you a few days, weeks, or even months. Please let us know if you have time constraints that you will be able to foster within.

We make arrangements for the dog to be neutered or spayed, if it is not already, micro- chipped, updated on all vaccinations, heartworm and parasite tested, and given heartworm and flea preventative before being adopted Once you have your foster dog, if you decide they have become a member of the family you just can’t part with them, please notify us as soon as possible. Our standard adoption fee is $350 for dogs 1 -6 years old. $400 for puppies, and $250 for dogs over 6 years old.  Many senior dogs do not have an adoption fee and are sponsored, however, you must still meet all the criteria to adopt.

A home visit and fence check will be conducted either before you foster the pyr, upon delivery of the dog, or shortly thereafter. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to make modifications for your foster dog in your home or with your fencing, it is in both your best interests.

You may think this is a lot of effort to go through to foster a dog. Yes, it is! These are dogs who have already lost the only home they knew, and it is our organization’s responsibility to find them a temporary home on the way to their forever home, where they can be loved, well cared for, and a part of your family for a short time.

Thanks for your interest in helping a rescued Great Pyrenees.

This questionnaire is prepared for the benefit of you, the prospective foster, and the Great Pyrenees that you plan to have become a part of your family on a temporary basis. Please answer all questions thoroughly. If you are unable to fill the form out online, download a print version here.


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    Pyrs are very tolerant and calm with young children. Their biggest problem being, that due to their large size, they can unintentionally knock over small children.

    It is the policy of Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue to only place dogs as inside pets with outside privileges and securely fenced yards. Pyrs do not do well with wireless/underground fencing. They tend to ignore the shocks, and dueto their protective nature, can harm other animals coming onto your property.

    Pyrs NEED SUPERVISION. This breed does not "stick" close to home. They cannot walk to the mailbox with you unleashed. They can be obedience trained, but they are not Golden Retrievers. They were bred as guard dogs, and they will roam over a wide area if allowed.

    In addition to regular life at home, would your dog:

    Do you currently have a veterinarian? If so, please provide the contact information:

    Thank you for your cooperation. This questionnaire helps us to try toplace the right dog with the right fosterer and/or foster family.