Announcing “Virtual” Adopting!!

No room for another dog? Looking for the Pyrfect gift for a pyrlover who can’t add another dog right now? Travel too much to have a dog?

“Virtual” Adoption is a way to have your own Great Pyrenees without the daily care taking. Currently we have 23 Great Pyrenees and Great Pyrenees mixes at our boarding kennel waiting for homes. The monthly boarding expenses for each dog is $5 per day which includes having kennel staff clean their kennels, let them outside, interact with them and feed them twice per day. (Chewy donates food for the dogs) This cost does not include monthly heartworm and flea and tick preventatives, grooming, vaccines, and medical care. The average cost per month to house a dog before being adopted or fostered averages about $200 – $250 per month. $200 x 12 months = $2400 per dog, whether that kennel space is occupied by the same dog or another. The adoption fee is currently $300 per dog.

“Virtual” Adoption will allow you to provide funding for a dog in need, and we will send you monthly updates on how your adopted dog is doing; you will have visitation rights, if you are in the area (Indianapolis, IN) and you will receive an adoption certificate. We are asking for $25 per month for a 12 month period for a “virtual” dog adoption.

To “Virtually” Adopt a pyr in need, visit our website,, to select your dog to sponsor, send us an e-mail at with the name of the dog in the subject line and add virtual adoption after their name. If this is a gift, let us know who to make the adoption certificate to.

You can make your “adoption” payments via, our e-mail is

The sponsored dogs are available for adoption, and we will ask you who you would like to “adopt” next if your pyr gets a forever home.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting all the dogs in need either actually or virtually adopted soon!