The 2nd Sunday of each month (Unless it is a holiday), we have a volunteer call out, for folks interested in interreacting with the Great Pyrenees in our program. We have a short training session, which when once completed, allows you to volunteer with the dogs during the kennel open hours. Join other volunteers to walk, brush, talk or read to the dogs in the rescue program. Children must be between over age 10 to participate, and if younger than 15, must be accompanied by a participating adult.

The volunteer hours are 1- 3pm for these events and are held at Bed & Biscuit Kennels, 3809 State Road 32 W. Westfield, IN 46074. We also welcome high school or community groups who want to help the dogs too.

We hope to see you soon!

Email any questions to info@igpr.org

We also need volunteers willing to transport dogs to us once accepted into our program, and to vet appointments. Groomers who want to volunteer a groom or bath, fundraisers, and we are open to any other ideas you may have about the program. Drop us a note at info@igpr.org to help!